Let's Play Something!


My name is James Marion.  I just graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Theater with a minor in English.  I've worked at a coffee shop called Rockn' Joe's, Safety Town USA, Llanfair Nursing Home, Brightest Star School of Performing Arts, Crossroads Theatre Company, Walt Disney World, Houlihan's Restaurant, and Rutgers Summer Acting Conservatory.  And now I'm going to Tisch at NYU for an MFA in Game Design.

Ugh, that is exhausting.  Every time I sign up for a website, it asks me to write an "About Me", which seems like the disgustingly impossible thing I could possibly be asked for.  I don't know what the most important things about me are, and I wouldn't expect that anybody would want to learn what they are by way of a paragraph on the "About" page of a website.  But that list is effectively my professional experiences over the past decade.

Personally, I'm a theater person.  I absolutely adore theater and things it can do to you, and the things I've been able to do with it.  I love teaching theater to people younger than me, and watching them learn and expand themselves.  I believe theater is one of the most amazing industries in the world, because it is composed entirely of people who are doing what they love, with no realistic monetary incentive to continue doing it.

Games are a lot like that.  Games are made by people who love them and consumed by people that love them and shared with people who love them and ruined by Zynga, and I want to be a part of all of that.

My experience with game art started in my Junior year of High School, when I started using Maya, a program used for polygonal modeling.  After a short class where I was taught the basics, I spent the next five years teaching myself on and off.

So here I am.  And I'm so ready to learn everything I can about games and the game business.

So!  As part of that I'm going to use this blog to play a new video game (about) every day, going alphabetically through my steam library.  I just got a brand new, relatively powerful computer, and I have about 250 steam games that I've never touched.  So let's start!

The first game goes up tomorrow night, and the first game is...

A Valley Without Wind!